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January 24, 2009


Mừng Xuân Kỷ Sửu – Year of the Buffalo 2009

Joseph Hiếu, Maria Trần and Vietlish Entertainment
Wishes everyone a Safe and Enjoyable New Year with lots of surprises !

See you at Vietnamese Tet Festival
Date: Friday 6 February 2009
Time: 8-11pm
At: Fairfield Showgrounds, Smithfield Rd, Pairewood


All enquiries: 0411637514


Miss Vietnam Australia 2009 Calendar

January 22, 2009

Vietlish Entertainment &
Miss Vietnam Australia




$10.00 AUD per calendar
Plus Additional $3 for postage & Handling, unless arranged pick-up with Vietlish (Sydney residents only).

Cheque / Money order: In favour of “Vietlish Entertainment” and sent to P.O Box 892, Fairfield NSW 1860
Cash: Call 0411637514
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All enquiries: – or Call us 0411637514

Vietnamese Tet 2009 – Greetings from familiar faces of the community

January 18, 2009

Last month Vietlish Entertainment, approached a couple of well known faces within the Sydney Vietnamese community asking for their thoughts about Tet 2009. We asked each person two questions:

1. What does Tet mean to you?

2. Your message to the Vietnamese community for Tet

kdsmall Khoa Do, Director “Motherfish” & “Footy Legends”

“Tet is a time for being with your loved ones. Every year I enjoy attending the Tet Festival, catching up with friends, playing lotto and watching Hoi Cao Nien sing on stage. I always love Friday night’s entertainment. At home, we always have family gatherings and I’m looking forward to finding out how much Grandma will give me this year for li xi…hopefully it will be more than the $5 I got last year.”

“This Year, Year of the Buffallo, I wish everyone to be safe, and happy and continue to be hardworking citizens, just like the Vietnamese Water-buffallo as we always contribute our best to Australian society.”

jcsmallJason Clare MPFederal Member for Blaxland

“Tet reminds me a bit of New Year’s Eve. It’s a time of celebration and fireworks. It’s the start of a new year, full of promise and opportunity. It’s a time for new clothes and new shoes. A time to relax with the family, a time to clean up and a time to plan for a busy year ahead.”

“Enjoy the festival ! Have a great time and a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Buffalo 2009.”

hamsmall1 Immi Ho Anh Mai
Miss Vietnam Australia 2008 & Miss Photogenic VN Global 2008

“Tet is a time for family and friends. It always reminds me of the beautiful “hoa mai” flowers, the joy in everyone’s faces and the fire crackers! “

“This Year, I hope every family stays together, and not have to go through sickness. Tet is a family occasion, so I hope everyone will spend time for each other, stress-free, and enjoy each other’s company. Happy New Year everyone ! Don’t forget to support my 2009 calendar ! “


Anny Le Wilson &Department of Vietnamese Banking
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“Tet is a time of happiness, a time to spend with family and friends, a time to spread the cheer to everyone, a time to be proud of our cultural heritage.”

“For the Year of the Ox 2009, I would like to wish everyone all the very best, a new year full of happiness and prosperity ! We also like to invite you all to our Tet celebration, complete with dragon/lion dance at Cabramatta branch, beginning at 12 midday on the 21st and 27th January 2009.”


Joseph Hieu & Maria TranSocial Media Personalities
Vietlish Entertainment

“Tet for us is a time for us to be proud of our cultural heritage. It is a time to share with our families and to be with them. As a child, I [Joseph] remember my dad making ‘banh chung’ cakes (now I can make them myself !), giving the elders all the best wishes and receiving lì-xì from them.. and now, being more involved with the community, it gets us even more interested in embracing the festivity of Tết.”

“For the Year of the Buffalo 2009, we wish everyone a safe and wonderful year, filled surprises, good health and propserity. See you at the Hoi Cho Tet Entertainment on Friday 6 February 2008 at Fairfield Showgrounds. Entertainment starts 8-11pm and features special guest – Paris By Night superstar Don Ho !”

Cat Tien – Singer
Van Son Entertainment USA

“When I was young, Tet was all about lì-xì but now, it really reminds me of my parents. I go on show all the time during Tết, away from my family, and I always wonder how they’re doing, I really miss them, and hope every year they get healthier.”

“I really want young people to really appreciate Tet to its true meaning, and the Vietnamese culture – never forget your roots, and also – appreciate the many people around you, because that’s what makes you happy – This Tet, Year of the Buffalo, I want everyone to be happy and healthy, and I wish all the best for everyone.”

kimvsabmp Kimberly Lam
President of Vietnamese Students Association (USYD)

“Tet means the biggest celebration on the Vietnamese calendar. It celebrates new beginnings and a happy start to the new year.”

“My message to the community is that Tet is a time for friends and family and those who you value most. To recognise those that have contributed to your life in the past year and those who will be in the coming year. Happy New Year !”

sdsmall Stef Dawson
Actress & Vietnamese-singing sensation

“Tet for me is a time to be with your loved ones, to celebrate the past year, and too look towards the coming year.”

“I am so grateful to the Vietnamese community for letting me be a voice for their culture. I feel such a deep connection to them and am so blown away about their generous and loving attitude towards me. That goes for the little conversations with barely more than strangers to those that have welcomed me into their lives like family. That warmth and generosity seem to be the essence of the Vietnamese which I love so dearly. I hope that through my singing I can help those that are in need and move people through my performances. I enjoy it so much, I want to work harder on the songs and the language and look forward to what this year will bring. Happy New Year !”

Written by: Joseph Dinh
(c) copyright 2009 – Vietlish Entertainment

Vietlish TV – Up Close & Personal with Thanh Bui!

January 3, 2009

Stupid People Poem

January 2, 2009

Why Do I Listen

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

I had an idea that I thought was great,

So off I went to tell my friend Nate,

As I told him my plan, he seemed perplexed,

He didn’t like my idea, rejected at best,

“How can I improve it?”, I asked with fear,

Doubting my own abilities and wanting to hear,

Change this, change that and it’ll be fine,

Add this, take away that, it’ll save you time,

Now he said, “Your plan is ready,

Take each step and just be steady”,

I did what he said and I started to try,

But three months later my plan had died,

I went to my friend who’s advice I thought true,

He looked and said, “What do you want me to do?”

No help, no support, only ridicule it seemed,

A heavy blow to my self-esteem,

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

Now all alone, after a failed attempt,

My mind now vexed, I felt contempt,

Some contempt for my friend who gave me advice,

But more for myself, now I’m paying the price,

When I changed my idea, to accommodate my friend,

It was no longer mine, I was trying to pretend,

I sold myself out, when I listened to those,

Now I feel bad, why do you suppose?,

Then a voice inside responded…

The answer is easy, you failed with your wares,

Not because it wasn’t good, because the idea was theirs,

You stopped listening to yourself because you didn’t believe,

That your idea, on it merits you could achieve,

A level of success, unimaginable to you,

You doubted your talents, and now you’re blue,

But it gets worse,…

Now your afraid to try something new,

Because you past failure is haunting you,

But it was never your idea, don’t you understand,

It stopped being yours when you changed your plan,

You listened to others, that’s what went wrong,

You doubted yourself, you just went along

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

So go back again, this time stay true,

To the idea you hatch, you planned within you.

And if it doesn’t work, you have no one to blame,

But at least you’ll know you tried your game,

Plan again, keep adjusting, it will turn,

In your favor, and you won’t get burned,

Success isn’t easy, you need time to build,

But in the end, your pockets will be filled,

With money of course, but happiness to the letter,

Cause when you do it your way, oooh, it feels so much better.

Victor Antonio G.